Job security and a flexible work environment have given Attila the opportunity to live his dreams

In his early 20s, Attila suffered a drug induced psychosis and was admitted to a psychiatric ward where his life went on a downward spiral. Now, over a decade later Attila lives independently, has travelled the world and supports himself through employment at Clean Force Property Services, one of WISE Employment’s social enterprises.

In 2002, Attila was introduced to Clean Force; a leading commercial cleaning company with the prime purpose of employing people with a disability or severe mental illness. His first meeting with Paul Fraser was the catalyst for his whole life turning around. After being unemployed for four years and in and out of hospital, Attila was looking for someone to give him a chance and Paul was able to provide that and more.

He started his training in 2006 and completed a Certificate III in Asset Maintenance to enable him to join Clean Force. With 10 years employment now under his belt, Attila has never looked back.

“Joining Clean Force impacted my life immensely, if I didn’t have this job I don’t know what I would be doing. With my condition, this role and organisation has been perfect for me as they are so understanding and flexible around my health problems, I couldn’t have asked for better support,” said Attila.

With stable employment, Attila has been able to not only independently support himself but also save money to live his life the way he has always wanted to.

“Three years ago, I was able to travel to Europe with my Aunty for six weeks, it was an incredible experience. I’ve also started art classes, which I’m really enjoying. It is great to be able to get out and socialise again, something that I never could have afforded or have the confidence to do without my job,” Attila explained with pride.

For someone who had never done any cleaning work before, Attila has really proven himself as a valuable member of the team. He has established great relationships with the other team members and is always so eager to learn and offer himself up for extra work.

“Attila is such a motivation and inspiration for the rest of the team,” says Vickie, Attila’s supervisor at Clean Force. “He has been so committed to the job and we’ve all been extremely impressed with what he has been able to achieve and how far he has come in the last 10 years.”

Attila is one of Clean Force’s longest serving employees and is now looking for the next opportunity to progress within the organisation.

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