Convinced he would never work again, Andrew hit rock bottom before WISE Employment helped him up

Four years ago, Andrew was suffering from severe anxiety and depression which was heightened by a very stressful work environment at The Royal Adelaide Hospital, a role he eventually had to give up. Over the next few years, Andrew spiralled downhill, moving through a variety of assisted employment providers where no-one could help him get back on his feet and into the workforce.

This was until he was referred to WISE Employment earlier this year. Andrew was extremely impressed with the different approach and support he was offered. “WISE Employment was so easy to work with, they really listened to me and understood what I was comfortable with and what I wanted,” said Andrew.

The team at WISE provided Andrew with a lot of one-on-one coaching and reassurance, as well as guiding him through the process of finding work and ensuring he understood the expectations every step of the way. “I never felt rushed or pressured into taking on a role. WISE helped me to first start building my confidence and changing my attitudes, as I was in a really negative place when I first met with them,” added Andrew.

WISE prides itself on working with candidates to find the right balance of securing employment that they are capable of, at a pace that is realistic. Rather than pushing Andrew to apply for roles that were already being listed, the team worked with him to identify work places that Andrew would like to work at and then contacted these businesses on his behalf.

It wasn’t long before WISE had secured an interview for Andrew at a local motel for a cleaning position, something he was skilled at and keen to do. Andrew was so pleased with the result, “WISE even went with me to buy some good clothes for the interview and coached me through the entire process. I could not believe that I got the job that I wanted.”

There was a time a few years ago when Andrew would hide away and play video games for days on end. Now, thanks to a more positive mindset, he has found new motivation and enjoyment out of other hobbies, such as gardening. Andrew continues to have weekly appointments with the team at WISE to ensure he is happy and comfortable with the role he is in.

“This whole experience has been a massive change to my self-esteem and I’ve got such a positive outlook on life. The slightest thing used to send me off to a dark place, whereas now I can really see a future,” beamed Andrew.

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