Tiffany discovers a passion for making pizza at her first role through WISE

Tiffany is a friendly, warm 23-year-old who came to WISE Employment earlier this year after being referred to the service from a friend. Her positive attitude and bubbly nature stems from her appreciation in finding a job that she enjoys, working at Pizza Fresh, after completing training via Interskills Training (RTO 6653), the training arm of WISE Employment.

She’s responsible for a number of tasks at the local pizza shop, including making pizzas which she has discovered she really enjoys.

Tiffany has an intellectual disability, suffers from depression and anxiety and also ADHD and she says that going to WISE changed her life.

“WISE looks at who you are, not what you are and they’ve helped me overcome many barriers,” Tiffany said.

“My job and the team I work with make me feel more motivated and engaged.”

“WISE really took the time to learn about what I enjoy and worked together with me to find something that I might like to do for work.”

Throughout her journey with WISE, Tiffany highlighted that it’s the level of respect she has received that has made her feel more confident.

“I’ve learnt to give things a go because of WISE, they’ve shown me that I’m important as well,” she said.

Tiffany also highlighted that she believes employers are now more open to hiring people who have a disability, or mental health issue, as they have realised people like herself are reliable and keen to work.

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