Peter celebrates a quarter of a century with Blundstone

As we celebrate 25 years at WISE Employment, Peter also celebrates his 25th year working with Blundstone at their factory in Moonah (Hobart), Tasmania. Peter’s journey with WISE Employment first began when his intellectual disability started to change, which meant he needed help to adapt things at work so that he didn’t lose his job. Through the Job in Jeopardy program, Peter was provided with in-work support and had new strategies developed to help him approach work tasks differently, ultimately providing him with job security.

25 years later, Peter is still working at the Blundstone warehouse and feels like he is a part of a family at the factory. In celebration of the milestone of 25 years together and to show appreciation, Blundstone organised an all-expense paid trip to Bathurst for a couple of days for Peter, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Peter said that what he appreciates most at work is the way they treat him like a regular person.

“People treat me like a person here, they give us a go and they don’t make me feel like I’m different,” he said.

As a cleaner at the warehouse, Peter has many responsibilities including gardening, packing and unpacking boxes and folding up large boot bags, amongst many other tasks. Megan, who has been Peter’s Support Worker for four years now, said that it is his positive attitude and dedication to his work that has enabled him to become a valuable asset to the business. She also highlighted that Peter is a great addition to the team because everyone can have a joke with him.

Working has enabled Peter to grow and enjoy many things in life outside of work as well.

“This job has given me freedom. It has allowed me to go and do other things I enjoy because I have money,” Peter said.

“WISE has been very helpful and understanding and Blundstone is the best company to work for because they know how to look after their employees.”

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