Suffering from crippling psoriatic arthritis since 16, Nicole’s new job has helped her transform her life

After working with the same company for ten years, Nicole suddenly became unemployed and found herself facing one of life’s biggest challenges, cancer, on top of the psoriatic arthritis that had turned her hands to claws and left her walking with a stick.

Faced with many misfortunes Nicole fell into depression, but after two years of unemployment, decided to engage WISE Employment to help her find a job. This is when she turned her life around completely.

The team at WISE supported Nicole through learning computer skills, helping her to put cover letters together and lining up job interviews for her. Within about a month with WISE, Nicole landed a role at a local gym called Iron Studio Gym as a cleaner.

Having worked at the gym for nearly six months now, Nicole’s thirst for life and a strong dedication to her role has seen her kicking goals left, right and centre.

Having shed 15 kilograms since starting at the gym and now regularly attending dance classes and going out with friends on the weekend, Nicole explained how WISE Employment helped her to not only find a job that she loves, but also a workplace that introduced her to new friends and supports her to achieve personal goals.

“I used to sit at home all day and I didn’t know how to apply for jobs because I had never been unemployed before. WISE taught me how to use a computer and apply for jobs and they encouraged me to fix everything, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have a job,” Nicole said.

“Getting this role at the gym has helped me broaden my social network and get out of the house. We have barbecue and DJ nights and they have helped me to lose a lot of weight.

“I love my job, I enjoy the responsibility and I feel like the mother hen at work. I even go into the gym on my days off!”

Nicole now walks without a stick, regularly goes to the gym with her daughter and is thriving in a workplace that is understanding of her disability. She explained that WISE was helpful and encouraging at a time when she had no idea what to do.

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