After nearly a decade as her mum’s carer, Devina returned to stable employment with help from WISE

Devina is a caring daughter and single mum who has selflessly put her family’s needs above her own; as a result, giving up work for eight years.

When Devina’s mum fell ill, she wanted to be there for her, so for the next 7.5 years provided full time support and devotion. When she passed away, Devina had to find the confidence to get back into the workforce and with two young fostered children in tow that was no mean feat.

“My mum was terminally ill and I wanted to look after her. It was challenging and at the time I also fostered two young girls who equally required my attention. It was a busy time, with no scope to work. I became depressed looking after mum, it was a difficult period in our lives,” explained Devina.

Devina came to WISE Employment in 2008, when she was ready to start looking for work. Her Employment Liaison Officer, Diane, helped her regain confidence. It became apparent that Devina’s skillset, combined with Diane’s strong ties to the local business community, would lead to a promising future for Devina and the beginning of an ongoing relationship for both of them.

Devina was placed by Diane at Biscay Greetings. This was the first and only interview that was required for Devina and over the last 9 years she has maintained employment and completed extra schooling and training whilst working for the company.

“By being able to get back into the workforce, I’ve regained my financial independence and confidence and enjoy working with a team and company that’s also been flexible with my hours, having younger girls. I’ve now taken on a managerial role and I love that just about every day is different and that I’m part of a growing company.”

“Diane and WISE were instrumental in getting me back on my feet when I was entering the workforce full time, not long after losing my mum and when my girls were coming to the end of their primary years and about to start high school. Diane was only meant to see how I was doing for six months into the role. There were times where there were tears; I enjoyed having a familiar face visit me at work. Nine years on, she still comes in to say hello and have a chat as there’s other successful job seekers that Diane has placed at Biscay Greetings too,” explained Devina.

After dedicating almost a decade of her life to her family when they needed her most, Devina is happy to have found herself again and with close ties to her community, terrific kids and a place to work, Devina’s future is currently filled with hope and promise.

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