After many ups and downs, Greg is determined to get his forklift licence back with the help of WISE

When Greg first walked into the WISE Employment office, he had his head down and felt deflated after losing his full-time job. The factory he used to work in had closed down and Greg soon found out afterwards that his forklift licence had also expired. This meant that Greg would have to go through a series of tests to get it back again.

Greg has a learning disability and whilst he has tried several times to complete the tests, he hasn’t been able to get his licence back. But with the help of WISE and his strong determination to become a forklift driver again, Greg is now on a mission to pass the tests and is well on his way to achieving this goal.

“I have trouble reading and writing, and going over the questions is really difficult for me,” Greg explained.

“WISE is helping me to study, they record the questions verbally because I struggle to retain things when I read them.”

“They’re not only helping me to get my licence back, but they’ve also helped me gain heaps of confidence.”

Whilst studying, Greg also works casually in a printing company and has done so for the last two and a half years. In recognition of his efforts in holding his employment for so long, WISE organised for Greg to go and meet the Manly Sea Eagles recently, an Australian rugby league club that Greg is a lifelong fan and member of. Through connections at WISE, Greg was able to go and watch the team train, as well as meet the players and the coach, a surprise that has touched Greg deeply.

“Things like that don’t happen to people like me,” he said.

Outside of work, WISE has also supported Greg by providing assistance with day-to-day things like teaching him how to pay his phone bills online and providing informal counselling support.

“The people at WISE have been a big help to me and they’re just really good people,” Greg said.

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